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In this game you are an Air Traffic Controller. You'll have to steer all aircrafts at once on your own! 

Right now the game is only in early Alpha, so it has many features I still want to try to implement if I have the time to that.

Right now the game has 2 modes. Firstly is "Approach Controller". In this mode, all palanes want to land on your airport, and you will have to land them. 

The second game mode is the "Tower Controller". In this mode you'll have to handle all arrivals, as well as departures.

In the future i'll try to add the following game modes: Center Control, Ground Control.  In addition to that I'm planning to implement a tuturial for beginners. Also I want to add a multiplayer, which would allow players to connect between different positions. 

You can control the Aircrafts with commands in the console or by clicking on aircraft. Here are the commands for the console:

/help | shows all available commands

/Spawnrate <time>| sets the spawnrate in seconds of the aircrafts

/getSpawnrate | shows the actual spawnrate

/remove <name> | removes an aircraft

/clear | clears the console

/spawn | spawns a new aircraft

/getDeltaTime | shows the actual delta time

/setDeltaTime | sets the delta time

<AircraftName> h/heading <Degrees> | sets the heading of the aircraft

<AircraftName> speed <Speed> | sets the Speed

<AIrcraftName> c/climb/d/descent <Altitude> | sets the altitude of the aircraft.

The game is still in early development and there are many bugs I'll still have to fix. So right now I’m trying to reduce those ;D


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